Organ Procurement Transplant Services by Global Marketing Consulting
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Organ Procurement Transplant Services

Organ Procurement Transplant Services

Global Marketing Consulting offers air ambulance service worldwide for patient those who are waiting for organ transplants. Our lives saving service will benefits “patients” who are in incidence need of the organ procurement transplant services; all our services can avail anywhere over the globe. We don’t do long paperwork while we are preparing your record because we understand the importance of a life of a patient.

GMC air ambulance is available around the clock. Our ambulance service has already proven by saving much life worldwide. We are a huge time saver whenever the word “Emergency “swell. Every detail regarding the flight is already available on our website. We will make the whole process as short as we can. Since every second is precious and also will be in touch so long as the parcel reaches the right place.

We are actively involved in the organ procurement and transplant arena for over 12 years. Have completed air and ground transports involving the transport of organ procurement teams to retrieve kidneys, liver, hearts and lungs. In addition, we also provide critical life-saving transports for organ recipient that requires vital time-critical transportation from a patient’s home or hospital to the transplant center once an organ is available. Often, patients who are in need of life-saving transport only have a very short window of time during which they must transport to a hospital or facility to receive the transplant. Apart from such stupendous services, we can also prepare for this and transport patients within a matter of hours whenever required.

How Does It Work?

As ever the call comes to genitive and the doctors or medical staff intimate about the availability of the organ. Patient kith or kin without wasting a single second. Call us and indicate us that they are enrolled for emergency service. Within the second we activate the patient’s details. Then an air ambulance would come and take off as soon as the patient arrives at the airport. After landing at the preferred location, the patient will transport to a medical facility or organ transplant center with lights flashing and ambulance emergency sirens. Our 3D services (Dedication, Determination and Discipline) always travel with our organ procurement transplant services.