Non Emergency Medical Transportation Services by Global Marketing Consulting
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Non Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Global Marketing Consulting offers the very best services with care in the nationwide long distance and non emergency medical transportation  (NEMT) ground services.

Our team of drivers, patient care manager and management staff always follow professionalism and work together to provide the most complete bedside-to-bedside services.

We care for a life that’s why our highly-qualified medical staff picks up the patient; they are already well-intentioned of any special needs that the patient may have for instance: CPR, Oxygen, Stretcher or walker.


Our medical staff is trained to provide customers with safe and reliable patient transfer services from bedside-to-bedside whenever our services are required to or from their home, nursing home, assisted living facility, doctor’s office or from hospital. All our medical staff are chosen according to their ability to provide non-ambulatory patients with maximum comfort like assisting in stretcher services transport.

Moreover, our medical vans and several other transports vehicles are equipped with the very latest in fastening systems to ensure your loved one has the safest and comfortable ride possible between destinations. A TV and DVD player with Wi-Fi are on board with every medical vehicle for entertainment during long distance medical transports. ACC Med link’s highly-skilled medical team-works with individuals, families and medical providers throughout the United States to provide the very latest in non-emergency transport services for individuals in our care.

Our Values and Commitments

At global marketing consulting services are customer oriented and caregiver inspired as well as make a difference by caring for people in need.

Patient focused

  • We care for lives and treat them like family members.
  • Safety, comfort and needs are our major priority for patients.
  • Loving and friendly communication with patient.
  • Well aware of emergency medical pertains.
  • We respect the dignity of each patient.

We also focus on the need of customers and always committed to providing the best services including:

  • We believe in listening to our customers intensely.
  • Always eager and anticipate their needs.
  • Professional, safe and reliable services.
  • Time is a valuable aspect for us and for you also.
  • You can count on us because we don’t believe in halfhearted jobs.